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Since the establishment, Mistrall gained over 50 years of experience on the angling market. That allowsMistrall to offer excellent products and highest quality, taking into account the needs of both, amateurs and professionals. We offer a wide range of spinning wheels, fishing rods, fishing lines, fishing braids, spinners, floats, landing nets and many more fishing accessories – all covered by warranty. Our products can be found in the best fishing stores throughout the country. We also have a well-stocked and efficient service.

Company history - Mistrall

Professionalism, consistency of purpose, and above all dedication and passion

with which we treat our work, they are the key to success! For many years, steadily we strengthen our position on the Polish and European market. Our aim is to offer superior equipment, which meets the needs of our customers. The equipment credibility is our trademark!


Mistrall proudly support the best Polish anglers!

Mistrall proudly support the best Polish anglers!

In 2016, Mistrall is an official sponsor of the Spin Fishing National Team. It will be a special year – our equipment in the hands of the best Polish anglers! We believe this event will be most valuable source of information about our products as well as angling at its most exciting release.

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